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Following Justin Amash on His Road to the US Senate

Latest Episode

In 2013, there was a suspicious gas attack against civilians in Syria. President Barack Obama and much of the media began blaming Syrian President Assad of attacking his own people with a vicious gas attack during the civil war he was waging against rebel forces.

The drum beat for war and US involvement began quickly within the Obama administration and the US House was on their typical August recess. Second term congressman, Justin Amash, was concerned that we were headed for another war without Congressional approval and insisted publicly that the House convene to discuss the issue. 

In order to gain public support to resist the administration's plans and the push from the DC media and think tanks he conducted a series of 11 town halls in his district in two days. Not surprisingly, he found virtually no support for conflict amongst his constituents and a narrative was quickly created that the American public was against a Syrian War. 

Through his use of social media, instincts, and getting the national media to appear before his town halls he shocked the establishment in DC that their view of the world was not shared by most Americans when it came to war. Momentum quickly spread across the country as other members of Congress held their own town halls discovering the same sentiment too. Before long, the involvement of US troops in Syria was shelved much to the chagrin of Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain. 

   The Show

The Amash Files is a podcast that follows the campaign of Congressman Justin Amash as he seeks a seat in the Senate in the state of Michigan. 

We believe that Justin is the most qualified person for the job and will serve the people unlike any senator before. We hope to capture the news on the campaign trail, get in depth analysis from experts, and offer our own unique perspective on the race.

We will follow Justin all the way up to his swearing in January of 2025.

The show is not affiliated in any way with Justin Amash's campaign and is fully created and paid for by the hosts without any coordination with an Amash campaign.




Eric Larson, MD

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Eric has been a libertarian since his college days in the late 1990's while at the University of Michigan. He served as a delegate to the 1996 Libertarian Party convention and again in 2008 representing the state of Michigan. He has served as an officer in the local LP in Michigan and run for statewide office twice. While serving in the unofficial Ron Paul campaign in 2008 Eric found Justin Amash while contacting local donors to the Ron Paul campaign and learned that Amash was running for state house. A friendship was formed then and has deepened throughout the years as he has followed his friend's progress from the state house to Congress and hopefully the White House.


Eric resides in Grand Rapids with his wife and children and is a physician anesthesiologist in private practice. He hosts another podcast called, The Paradocs that focuses on the US medical delivery system.  

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Tyler Groenendal

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In the summer of 2008, Tyler Groenendal first heard of a man running for the Michigan House of Representatives in his district, Justin Amash, and soon followed him on Facebook, where Amash regularly posted explanations for his votes. Tyler noticed two things. First, Amash was often sole lone vote against a bill. Second, he agreed with everything Amash said. Amash helped point Tyler towards two seminal figures in the history of libertarian thought, Frederic Bastiat and F.A. Hayek, whose writings were pivotal to his own philosophical development, in addition to others including Ludwig von Mises and Edmund Opitz. Tyler later had the pleasure of volunteering and interning for Justin Amash's subsequent Congressional campaigns from 2012 onwards. 


He graduated from Hillsdale College in 2016 with a B.A. in Economics, and currently lives in west Michigan with his wife. 


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